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Company Profile

Usta Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. was founded in 1933 in Malatya as grower, supplier, agent and trader of dried fruits. In 1985, company started to export dried fruits. It is the one of the old supplier, exporter of best quality agricultural product; especially Dried Apricots, Dried Figs and Diced Fruits (Diced apricots, Figs and Dates)

We have two facilities in Turkey.

  • One of them is located in Izmir that is 7.000 sqm internally. We are processing and packaging dried apricots, figs and diced fruits (diced apricots, figs and dates) in our Izmir facility.
  • The other one is located in Malatya that is 20.000 sqm land. Our facility is 6000 sqm internally. We are able to present all dried apricots manipulation process from the trees till carton boxes in Malatya facility. We are using this facility as warehouse of dried apricots and we are doing preprocess of the dried apricots in this area.

We had ISO 9001, HACCP and BRC-7 Certificate. Yearly, we are adding value to our factory, product, and food safety in order to satisfy our customer needs. All our processing machines are made of stainless steel. Our annual production capacity is 10.000 metric tons; however, we are using the half of our capacity, 6.000 metric tons. Our purpose is to increase up to maximum capacity.

‘USTA BRAND’ mainly deals with the manipulation of Whole Pitted Dried Apricots (Sulphur, Natural and Organic), Dried Figs (Organic and Conventional) and Diced Fruits (Diced Dried Apricots, Figs and Dates). We are not only supplying bulk products, we have also capability to supply different type of packages; from 5 Kg till 10g of packages in every format of packaging material; carton boxes, foam trays, cellobags, doypacks, plastic trays,… etc. We have a capability to do what our customers request for packaging. We also supply DICED PRODUCT as diced dried apricots, diced dried figs and diced dates. We had important competitive advantage rather then the others that we have different, special dicing machines.

We are producing this machine and we can produce uniform, homogenous diced products. We are able to produce from 2x2mm till 10x12mm diced products with our integrated automatic dicing machine system. After the dicing process, we are passing our diced products through Laser and XRAY machine, in order to sort out the foreign bodies in terms of stones, metals, glass and plastics. We had a good reputation in Europe, Canada, Australia, USA, Brazil, and Russia... etc.

We are the one who is supplying a very good quality of dried fruits. We had a good traceability in our production; we are able to reach the grower names in one container.   With the experience of dried fruits business from 1933, Usta Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. proudly wishes to supply their customer,

  • Turkey’s finest, qualified dried fruits in scope of food safety
  • Just in time deliveries
  • Long-term perfect business relations
  • Continuous Compatible price levels.

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